Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

Chicken dish instruction with step by step photos. Easy, saporous & eating house vogue chicken dish with soft, tender & succulent items of chicken. This instruction is one in every of the most effective you'll be able to build reception below quarter-hour if you've got the prepared rice prepared.

Most folks love the chicken dish from Chinese restaurants & take outs. This elaborate post can assist you build the most effective chicken dish that's jam-packed with flavors & delectability.

It is extremely not possible to duplicate the flavors of Chinese foods created in restaurants as they use a Chinese cooking iron cast skillet. employing a steel cooking iron cast skillet on an outsized burner would usually emit a smoky aroma to the dish.

A regular iron forged cooking iron cast skillet will ne'er herald such flavors. Over the years I even have found that employing a steel cooking iron cast skillet or forged iron cooking iron cast skillet will bring similar flavors to some extent however not identical. therefore if you've got a steel cooking iron cast skillet, forged iron cooking iron cast skillet or a cooking iron cast skillet do use it.

Chicken dish is formed otherwise in every place and region. Here ar some tips to assist you select your ingredients.

Tips to form chicken dish


Always use hard seared non sticky & non mushy rice to form dish.You can opt for medium to long grain rice that fit your style. I in person like basmati rice.

Ensure the rice is cooled fully before exploitation it within the instruction. we tend to don't eat leftover, stale or cold rice reception therefore I cook the rice one hour previous creating the dish. turn fully and use.

You can cook the rice in an exceedingly cookware, pot or instant pot. I in person like change of state it in an exceedingly massive pot with surplus water.

When the rice is seared hard I drain the rice to a cullender and canopy it quickly. This helps the rice to plump up well and forestall dehydration.

Some restaurants use broth to cook the rice because it flavors up the dish. If you've got it then cook the rice in broth.


Chop the chicken to little cubes or items. This helps it to urge seared well whereas cookery it. massive chunks of chicken typically flip more durable and rubbery as they have to be seared for extended.

I use raw chicken to form the dish. but you'll be able to additionally use prepared or stewed chicken.

Egg or corn starch

Usually restaurants coat the chicken either with egg or corn starch before cookery. each these ingredients facilitate the chicken to stay wet & juicy preventing it from turning rubbery or chewy.

I in person don't like each therefore I brine the chicken in milk for four hours to long before creating the dish. however my family loves the egg coated chicken because it flavors up the dish. during this post I even have used egg however given the substitutions.


Soya sauce is that the key ingredient to form a saporous dish. To boost the chicken dish, I generally use schezwan sauce or sriracha. therefore you'll be able to add your favorite sauces to feature flavor and style.

Sometimes I skip all the sauces and use egg to flavor up the dish. For the warmth i exploit inexperienced chilies and pepper.


Scallions or spring onions: we tend to love our chicken dish with several inexperienced onions as they add nutrition, flavor & style. you'll be able to additionally skip and simply use regular onions if you are doing not have spring onions.

Bell peppers is another vegetable you'll be able to use liberally.

For additional nutrition you'll be able to additionally add carrots, peas, corn & mushrooms if you prefer. These ar the veggies I don't use in an exceedingly chicken dish.

Preparation for Chicken dish

  • 1. Wash rice in heap of water and soak for twenty minutes. Drain off and cook in three to four cups water. once the rice is seared hard, drain it to a cullender.
  • The rice should be firm and virtually seared however not mushy. cowl and rest for a moment. plump up with a fork and funky fully.
  • 2. meantime prepare the veggies and garlic. you'll be able to additionally use inexperienced chilies for further heat.
  • 3. guarantee your chicken is move bite sized items. Add pepper, salt and a pair of tbsps ingredient. rather than egg you'll be able to additionally add ¾ tbsp corn starch or corn flour. combine this up well.
  • 4. Pour 1.5 tbsps oil to a hot cooking iron cast skillet or iron forged cooking iron cast skillet. once the oil turns hot, add the chicken. fry for three to four minutes stirring usually. If the egg sticks to your iron forged cooking iron cast skillet, simply scrape off with the spatula.
  • 5. you'll be able to check if the chicken is seared at this stage. Mine gets done below four minutes. Push the chicken to 1 aspect of the iron forged cooking iron cast skillet. Then beat the remainder of the egg and pour it.
  •  Scramble it and fry till the egg is seared through nonetheless soft. don't cook. take away it to a plate.
  • Pour another 0.5 tbsp oil and fry the garlic on the very best flame.
  • Then add onion whites, chilles (optional) and bell peppers. fry for one to two minutes.
  •  Add the rice, soybean plant sauce and pepper. you'll be able to additionally add your favorite sauces. fry for a second.
  • Add the chicken and also the egg. style and add additional salt or sauce at this stage.
  • Fry till the rice turns hot. Add onion greens.