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Cast Iron Kadai |Medium Size | (10 Inches Diameter, 2.5 Kg Weight)

iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
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iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size
iron cast kadai medium size

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Cast Iron Kadai |Medium Size | (10 Inches Diameter, 2.5 Kg Weight)
  • 😋 Enhances taste
  • 🌿 Naturally Non-stick
  • 💪 Adds Iron (Iron+) to Food
  • ✅ Certified Heavy Metal Free
Ex Tax: Rs1,175
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: Qualy Investo
  • Model: Cast Iron Kadai 10 inch Dia and 8 cm Depth
  • Weight: 2.20kg
  • Dimensions: 34.00cm x 26.00cm x 9.00cm

Our Cast Iron Kadai is free from chemicals. We never use cadmium and enamel for coating as it contains certain percentage of lead. Our products are natural and good for health.

Key Product Features of Iron Kadai:

  • Diameter - 10 inch (26 cm)
  • Length - 34cm (inclusive of handle)
  • Inner Depth - 8cm
  • Weight - 2.2 KG
  • Natural products with no chemical coating such as enamel, cadmium or Teflon.
  • Fit for usage on gas, electric or induction stovetops.
  • Pre Seasoned and User should season it as per the instruction sheet provided with the product.

FAQ for Iron kadai

How To Clean forged iron Cookware/Kadai?

All forged iron merchandise ar utterly hand seasoned. you'll be able to wash the merchandise and begin victimization them. Here ar basic cleansing steps for forged iron kitchen utensil -Use water and a soft sponge to wash the pan or Kam-Tai. A dish-washing liquid is sufficient to scrub off the food remains. Once it's clean, dry the kitchen utensil utterly. Always pat dry the forged iron product before storing it. don't leave the kitchen utensil within the sink for too long. This prevents the oxidization of iron.

How to Season Iron Kadai?

All your merchandise return pre-seasoned and prepared to use. If you would like to re-season the merchandise you'll follow the steps below –Wash and pat dry the kitchen utensil. (You may heat within the stove gently to get rid of any water.) Once it's dry, apply vegetable oil everywhere. Heat the merchandise beneath medium flame for 4-5 minutes. After five minutes, switch it off and let the merchandise relax fully. Once it's done, use a soft textile or tissue to withdraw the surplus oil. Store the merchandise in a very dry place.

How To Use forged iron kitchen utensil For the primary Time?

If you have got recently purchased a forged iron pan or square measure aiming to purchase one shortly then this a requirement browse GUIDE for you. Some individuals feel maintaining a forged iron kitchen utensil is extremely troublesome. For some, it's a simple job to try and do. This guide is to assist individuals on what to try and do next with the new forged iron pan. Cast Iron Pan can do wonders with correct care and maintenance. It will even survive for several decades with correct ‘seasoning’. For initial time users United Nations agency haven't any plan regarding what's seasoning, it's nothing however correct look after the pan at regular intervals.Regular seasoning can facilitate the pan to shield from obtaining rust and provides the flexibility to last for generations. it'll conjointly naturally produce a swish layer over the pan as fashionable Teflon coated non-stick pans. Don’t get intimidated if you're a primary time user. This guide can assistance on the way to use or care the forged iron pan for initial time users.

How To Season forged iron Cookware/kadai for first time?

To tradition, health and happiness! Let’s return to our roots and churn out delicacies that have the exotic Indian style intact with Meyer forged iron vary. A forged iron cooking utensil may be your various to non-stick cooking utensil if you recognize a way to season a forged iron cooking utensil. as a result of a well-seasoned forged iron cooking utensil acts rather like a non-stick cooking utensil. So, whether or not you're shopping for the simplest iron tawa for roti or forged iron Kadai with lid, simply season it well and sometimes and see it mimicking the excellence of a high-quality non-stick cooking utensil.However, several square measure confused concerning a way to season a forged iron pan. They reckon seasoning could be a long and boring method. however contrary to doubts and myths, seasoning forged iron is simple. browse on to clear your doubts, amplify your seasoning ability and bust some myths on the manner.

Average Rating Cast Iron Kadai |Medium Size | (10 Inches Diameter, 2.5 Kg Weight)

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iron kadai
iron kadai
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